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  • Butchers’ Smocks
    Butcher’s clothing became an important subset of the smock trade, the blue colour especially associated with the occupation.  As the trade developed, particular manufacturers specialised in occupational clothing for butchers, which initially meant smocks.  One of these was Frank Blackett, whose family had lived at Smithfield, the famous wholesale meat market in London, since the…
  • A Podcast all about Smocks
    I am thrilled to be part of the British Textile Biennial (@britishtextilebiennial), which is currently on, in person until the end of October, and online. I recorded a podcast with the brilliant Amber Butchart (@amberbutchart) on all things smock. Find it below or on the British Textile Biennial website, if you would like a listen!  Please enjoy!
  • Smock Frock Veterans
    A newspaper report in 1895 asked, ‘Where is the Smock-Frock?’, noting that it was a marker of the ‘old, hardy and honest peasantry’.  Forty or fifty years ago they were a common sight, but now ‘Old England’s rural garb is rarely seen!’, the railway and education, in particular, having changed rural society, not in a…

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